We Train Everyone in The Industry.

We train wholesalers, architects, specifying and facility engineers, contractors and end-users alike; everyone from the engineer who specifies our product to the journeyman that installs it. And because our customers have specialized needs, our trainings are focused and relevant to each of our audiences.


Factory tourCorey Kliman and Brad Kliman leading a CHG Saniguard trainingHaws training for contractors and plumbers
Brad Kliman trains contractors at a trade showTradeshow learningJerry Kliman participates in the Haws trainingContractors, engineers and architects tour the Sloan Valve plant

This means you’ll find us conducting trainings and demonstrations at union apprenticeship schools, plumber shops, architect and engineer offices. On job sites, in hospital mechanical rooms, university central plants, airport bathrooms and high-end showrooms.

We regularly tour our factories with our wholesalers and contractors to bring insight into the products they sell and install everyday. We’re just as likely to be on one of our customers job sites with an architect and engineer, demonstrating a new product solution we are recommending for integration into the scope of their job.