Mifab - Improved Lavatory and Fixture Carriers

March 10, 2010

Not all carriers are the same as you will come to find out.  Introducing Mifab's improved MC-10 Fixture Carrier and MC-41 Lavatory Carrier.  In response to plumbers' feedback, Mifab has made modifications to help the plumber in the field, and the specification team during building design.

Mifab's improved fixture carrier.  MC-10


Sloan offers Mobile Handwashing Stations for schools, hospitals, stadiums and more.

Sloan Valve

Sloan offers Mobile Handwashing stations in Corian or SS that provide flexible hand washing wherever needed. Indoor and outdoor models.  Ideal for schools, hospitals, stadiums, airports, restaurants, health clubs and office lobbies.

Sloan offers Mobile handwashing stations in Corian and SS

January 5, 2021

Sloan introduces the Mobile Handwashing Station for indoor or outdoor use to provide hand washing wherever needed.

Sloan Valve
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