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June 15, 2009


CADdetails is the professional's choice for manufacturer-approved building product information. Get CAD drawings and spec sheets from The Hubbard Enterprises HOLDRITE® CAD Library.

The Hubbard Enterprises HOLDRITE Product Listing by APPLICATIONS:

  1. In-Slab Support
  2. Sinks
  3. Tub / Showers
  4. Water Closets / Toilets
  5. Hot Water Tanks
  6. Horizontal Piping
  7. Vertical Piping
  8. Acoustics
  9. Pre-Fab
  10. Urinals
  11. Mop Sink
  12. Drinking Fountains
  13. Inserts
  14. Water Heater Support

For over 26 years Hubbard Enterprises HOLDRITE® has earned the reputation as the pipe and equipment support manufacturer that helps Plumbing and Mechanical Contractors by "Converting Makeshift Methods into Engineered Solutions". HOLDRITE® products Provide plumbing, piping and equipment support and isolation solutions that are easy, fast, safe, competitive and innovative. HOLDRITE commercial pipe-on-pipe supports allow a plumber to rough-in piping before wall framing is erected, regardless of the type of pipe (Copper, CPVC or PEX tubing). The HOLDRITE Silencer System provides a full line of acoustical plumbing isolation products that effectively reduce noise and vibration. Starting with your project plans and specs, our HOLDRITE VIP Estimating Service provides a job specific labor and material cost savings analysis for your pipe and equipment support needs, at no charge. 800-321-0316

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We are happy to announce that Kliman Sales is representing the Chicago Faucets line of manual and electronic commercial faucets in No. CA and No. NV.

Not all carriers are the same as you will come to find out.  Introducing Mifab's improved MC-10 Fixture Carrier and MC-41 Lavatory Carrier.  In response to plumbers' feedback, Mifab has made modifications to help the plumber in the field, and the specification team during building design.

Mifab's improved fixture carrier.  MC-10

MIFAB has taken the leadership role in providing superior siphonic solutions specifically engineered for the US construction industry.

MIFAB Siphonix® roof drains are a superior means of removing roof rainwater from buildings with low slope roofs, large or small.

MIFAB Siphonix


Mifab makes stainless steel trench an easy choice with their unique ability to customize their trench drains to fit the specification on any job.

To see more information, look at Mifab's Proformer Line.

Upgrade your nickel bronze drain tops to prevent dishing, corrosion and discoloration with cast 304 stainless steel grates and cleanout covers... for the same price as nickel bronze!

Go Green with MIFAB rooftop pipe support solutions. The patented C-Port System is a comprehensive line of rooftop support solutions made from 100% recycled tires! This system includes gas and refrigeration pipe supports, sleepers, and more.


The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Building Rating System™ is the nationally accepted benchmark for the design, construction, and operation of high performance green buildings. LEED gives building owners and operators the tools they need to have an immediate and measurable impact on their buildings’ performance.

Water Efficient Plumbing From Sloan Valve

Water is the most valuable natural resource in the world and the need for sustainable water strategies continues to emerge in building designs.

How do you achieve water savings, maintain performance expectations and reduce costs?

Today, there are new ways to improve water efficiency, hygiene AND lower plumbing maintenance costs. By providing a total package of restroom solutions to achieve your efficiency goals, Sloan Valve Company has met the challenge.

The ASPE Board meeting and preparation for the event started the evening. Guests began arriving at 5:00 to enjoy wine, hors d'oeuvres and mingling. Dinner was serve at 6:00. The traditional ASPE raffle took place as fun over desert before our attention turned to the presentation of the evening: a forum-style discussion of AB-1953, the lower-lead requirement for plumbing products delivering potable water going into effect January 1, 2010.