MIFAB Siphonix® Drains


MIFAB has taken the leadership role in providing superior siphonic solutions specifically engineered for the US construction industry.

The Siphonic principle has been understood for thousands of years based on mathematical calculations that were documented in the 16th century. These roof drainage techniques have been practiced worldwide for over three decades and provide a superior solution to conventional gravity based systems.

MIFAB’s unique solution combines our familiar roof drain components with the MIFAB Siphonix air baffle. The baffle prevents the entry of air into the system to provide a superior means of removing roof rainwater from buildings with low slope roofs, large or small. Proper calculations provide optimum efficiency.

All calculations are configured and optimized by supplying engineers with the easiest, fastest and best system design software available.


Increase the satisfaction your clients receive from you by having our staff assist you in the design process. We will guide you through an analysis that includes:

■ The type of pipe material used for each system installation.

■ The maximum design storm conditions anticipated for your area.

■ The size of the roof area[s] to be drained.

■ The height of the building and available routes through the building envelope from roof drains to downpipe locations.

Such analytical calculations can be complex but do not need to be intimidating when you work with our expert staff that can guide you through the use of the right specialist software.