Revit® Structure software provides coordination and change management through fully integrated physical and analytical modeling for structural engineering, analysis, design, and documentation. You gain a competitive advantage by being able to create a single building model for all your structural analysis and design - and use that same model to create all of your construction documents.


BrassCraft once again revolutionizes supply connections with the introduction of its innovative new SureConnect™ quick-connect system. Our new pre-formed stub-out with its proprietary end-form is the key to a fast and easy quick-connect system that will add both speed and profits to finish plumbing.

New PushConnect from BrassCraft®

As the leader in stops, our name sets the mark for durable watertight performance. Nowhere is that more evident than in our new PushConnect high-performance stops:

• Dual O-rings • Pre-Inserted Tube Stiffener • Locking Clip

More plumbers rely on BrassCraft than all other brands combined.

PushConnect by BrassCraft®

Whether you are specifying products for LEED certification, or building a GreenSpec home, VITRA's EverGreen line of High Efficiency Toilets and Urinals offer you flexible options that perform beautifully every time.

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The new Sloan ECOS™ Dual-flush Flushometer is the first electronic valve of its kind. Advanced sensor technology allows for hands-free operation while still delivering water-saving dual-flush performance.